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urchase process

urchase process

You can go directly to the website to find the products you want, or directly through the search function, we offer a full range of products for you to buy.

You can also find the products that are right for you based on the "category" and "goods category" we provide.


Shopping checkout

Select the purchase quantity on the selected product page, then click "Add to Cart" to continue to purchase other products. After the selection is completed, click the "Go to checkout" option on the page to enter the checkout page. .


2. Fill in the information and payment

You need to log in or register for an online member account, fill in the correct recipient and receipt information, and then select the payment method. When you are done, please click "Order to place an order".


3. Order completed

Once the payment is completed, the order will be established and your e-mail will receive a notification email for the successful order. You can also check the status of your order from the member account on the website.


Delivery service

The system will automatically calculate the shipping cost based on the weight of the goods.

 If the item or quantity does not match the order, please contact Customer Service immediately on the day of delivery.

Hotline 34264036

Business hours: Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 8 pm